Melody is a robust, high-yielding table variety with a high pack-out. This mid-season variety has a smooth yellow skin and yellow flesh. Melody has an excellent taste and texture and can be used for boiling, baking, pan-frying, and microwaving. It is a great storage variety and has resistance to bruising.

Tuber Characteristics

Tuber Shaperound oval
Flesh Coloryellow
Eye Depthvery shallow
Skin Coloryellow
Skin Texturesmooth
Dormancyvery good
Tuber Sizefairly large

Yield and Quality

MarketsTable/Fresh, Heat And Drought Tolerant, Baker
Yieldhigh-very high
Tubers Per Plant12-14
Cooking TypeA/B
Dry Matter21%


Foliage Blightmedium
Tuber Blightmedium-high
NematodesRo 1


- sensitive to full application of Sencor pre-emergence - Good for mid/late storage. - avoid over-irrigation to minimize lenticels.

Seed Availability


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