Fioretta is an early maturing yellow skinned variety producing large round-oval tubers. This deep yellow fleshed variety produces high yields with an even set of 11- 13 tubers. Fioretta has a low tendancy to black spot bruising and shows no discoloration after cooking. Fioretta has an excellent taste and texture.

Tuber Characteristics

Tuber Shaperound oval
Flesh Coloryellow
Eye Depthvery shallow
Skin Coloryellow
Skin Texturesmooth
Dormancyvery good
Tuber Sizefairly large

Yield and Quality

MarketsTable/Fresh, Early Harvest, Baker
Tubers Per Plant11 to 13
Cooking TypeB
Dry Matter20.8%


Foliage Blightmedium
Tuber Blightmedium-high
NematodesRo 1, 4


– Resistant to wart disease. Fioretta also has good resistance to black leg and tuber disorders. Needs sufficient amounts of potassium. Is suitable for use as a yellow baker.

Seed Availability


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